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Anthony Starke's Stand up in SLC on 4/28

Here is my recollection of his show and my trip. His act is adult so be warned.
I just got back from Salt Lake City where I had the wonderful experience of watching Anthony Starke do standup comedy. It was just delightful and so funny.

I met up with Lady Garett, susiderkins, Cholomunk and Andrea to have supper while we waited for the box office to open and after having a great time at supper, we walked over to the venue. It was a bit of a concern when the box office wasn’t open at 7 as they had said and the worker that we were able to find and asked where was the Anthony Starke show replied “Is that tonight?” That wasn’t very promising but they did let us into a small room with a stage, three rows of couches and about ten small tables and a small bar. We sat in the second row of couches and were about 10 feet from the stage. There were two cameras set up by the stage and we asked if the show would be available for purchase later. The camera man said that was a possibility that was being discussed. I was very happy to hear that and got an email address for the company so will write first thing Monday to find out. For the longest, we were the only five people in the room and just before the show was to start some other people came in and I think there were about 35 people there total. So while the audience was very small, we were very close. The band played for about 20-30 minutes before the comics started coming out. I wasn’t very impressed with the first three comics and the fourth comic was pretty funny but the other thing that was starting to concern me was they were only on for about 10-15 minutes. Then the MC introduced Anthony.

He was tremendous! He was wearing a green and blue striped short sleeved shirt and blue jeans which was a smart choice as he was just so active; moving around, pretending to skim along a slip and slide and writhing on the ground. He did some Mormon jokes, including a story about a young Mormon named Ezra who was slacking off in the baby making department. He does have an adult, somewhat raunchy act but nothing too out there. I was just amazed at how he was able to paint an image with his words, facial expressions and word choices. He is very erudite. I was also amazed at how Anthony could just talk and talk without running out of breath. The accents he did were very impressive as well and fit so well into the comedy bits. He didn’t do jokes as such but more commentary and explanations that build to a hilarious conclusion. It is adult humor, such as the camel toe explanation that is on You Tube, why straight men like lesbian sex and why anal sex isn’t the best choice for straight couples. I did love his bit about a gay guy asking his lover for anal sex, though. He also talked about fatherhood and his son. When Anthony did his impression of his son when they took away his pacifier, it was priceless and very accurate of the sounds children that age make. I was laughing the whole time.

Now for the shallow part. Anthony is just gorgeous. While he was on stage, there were a few flashes of tummy when he raised his arms and there were some tongue appearances. He is in great shape and his forearms are fantastic. It was quite a treat.

After the performance, Anthony was out near the bar and when we came towards him, he realized who we were right away. I got to shake his hand and introduce myself as did the rest of us. He was so gracious and had brought some head shots, not realizing that as fans we had brought things for him to sign. Anthony led us to an empty room as the band had started playing again and it was impossible to hear. He was so charming and pleased that we had come. Anthony was disappointed that there hadn’t been more promotion for the appearance and the crowd was so small although he did say that playing a small crowd makes playing a larger crowd easier. He was trying out some material also. When asked how long he had been doing stand up, he said about three years and had started thinking about doing it while he was on the “George Carlin” show. He doesn’t have another stand up job currently lined up but wants to do more. When Lady Garrett asked him to sign a Mag 7 cast photo that Dale and Michael have already signed, he said “Looks like the band is getting back together”. Lady Garrett also had a pin for him in the shape of an Ace of Spades with a derringer made by zarina and he said that it was very cool and thought it was very well made. He let Lady Garrett put it on him. Anthony was so nice about signing the photos and taking photos with us. I was so happy and he was so sweet. He did ask us if we had seen his episodes of “Defenders” and “CSI Miami” and we assured him that we had. He said that he was trying to do more comedy as he had been doing so much dramatic, episodic work and I certainly hope that someone realizes what a skilled comic he is. He said that he appreciated that we had come. It was getting late and he had some other people to talk to so we left.

I had a tremendous time; Anthony was so funny, so nice and just so good looking that it was a wonderful evening. Of course, after I left, I thought of so many other questions to ask, hopefully someday. I really hope to see him perform again very soon and also hope that the professional recording will be available for sale. It’s taking me a while to come down from the excitement but what a treat!
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Awesome!!! What a great review - I've been waiting impatiently! First of, I am so pleased to hear you got to meet up with the wonderful Lady G and Cholo- and I fear I don't know Andrea, but if she was hanging with the three of y'all, she must also be awesome! What a great group - and how terribly awesome of LG to have a group pic of the seven that now has *three* - THREE! - autographs!!

And what an intimate setting! I agree that it would have been nice to have more people there, but if there had been, you guys might not have had all the wonderful personal time you had with him. And what a swell guy! I'm so happy for all of you! It's nice to know he's such a sweet and giving actor and now, comedian! Stand-up is hard work. Good to know he's got such versatility!

Yea yea yea! Thanks for the write-up - how extensively is he touring? Are you and/or y'all going to get to see him again anytime soon?
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I'm so jealous! It sounds like you had an amazing time :)

Thank you so much for the write up!
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Wow. That's so cool. I'm glad you had a great time and got to have a moment with him.